Best nuts for keto

The Best Nuts For Keto Fuel And Weight Loss 2020

Best nuts for keto review: when we look at following a keto diet. The basic understanding is to just cut carbs and eat fats. Definitely this is an easy way to look at the system. We have to remember any system we choose to use quality over amount is key. In this review, we are going to look at the best nuts for keto.

When we take about the best nuts for keto we have to remember that they are from the fat family. This is the family that had been given a bad name for its roll in weight gain. They have now been brought in from the cold and been given the new name of healthy fats.

Below is a table of the best nuts for keto

Best nuts for keto

1 oz of the Best nuts for keto Number of nuts Best nuts for keto Carbs Best nuts for keto Fibre
Brazil nuts 6 3.3 2.1
Pecans 19 3.9 2.7
Macadamia nuts 10-12 3.9 2.4
Walnuts 14 3.9 1.9
Peanuts 15 halves 4.6 2.4
Hazelnuts 12 4.7 2.7
Almonds 23 6.1 3.5
Pistachios 49 7.7 3

Rules for the best nuts for keto

Personally nuts are one of my weaknesses. There have been moments while watching tv with my kids. I have to eaten, a whole bag of cashew nuts in under 60mins. So managing the amount is key when managing your keto fuel. Below are a few I have put in place for my self and clients.

Measure them out! Don’t eat the best nut for keto straight from a bag. Measure them to know how much you’re eating before you get started. Separate them into a small bag to avoid eating

Eat consciously. This is a great healthy eating habit to adopt in general, but especially with high-calorie foods like keto nuts. Due to the amount of good stuff in these nuts. Try not to eat while watching TV, driving to work, or typing on the computer.

Try and only eat when you’re focusing on eating, otherwise, it’s easy to binge without realizing it.

Skip the salted/flavored nuts. This is a big no no due to the processing of the nuts. During the salting and flavoring, the nut is denatured and lose most of their good stuff. Try raw, unsalted keto nuts instead. You may have an easier time sticking to your portion sizes.

Soaking the best nuts for keto digestion

To get the best out of the nuts we are eating. We need to monitor whether we are digestion just effectively.

What is wrong with raw nuts.

When we look at digestion we have to mention the gastrointestinal tract. This is where we as humans bind the mineral together for health. On nuts and mainly seeds there are high levels of phytic acid. When the nuts and seeds are growing. This protects the plant. The problem is that this acid causes a reaction in the gut of humans.

Signs of this happening in your digestive system.

Nut passing through the digestive tract and coming out whole in your stoles.

Heavy lower belly after consuming nuts.

If this is happening the benefits of the nuts are being lost. The one way to change this is by soaking your nuts.

1.Place about a weeks’ worth of nuts into a bowel

2. Add filtered water so it covers all of them

3. Add a pinch of organic sea salt

4.Cover and  leave for 7-8 hours

5.Wash all the salt off and place to dry ( I have found cooking trys to be the best way to dry the nuts

I have found that socking the nuts on a Friday night and drying them on a Saturday to be the best days to do this.


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