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Making A healthy choice for weight loss and happiness 2020

If you are to carry out your daily activities efficiently and lead a normal life away from the hospital, you have to make a healthy choice to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, unlike most human traits, good health isn’t inherent or genetically acquired. You have to cultivate it by adopting a holistic approach in evaluating your daily life.

Nevertheless, lifestyle evaluation doesn’t just involve checking the calories or sugar in your diet. Rather, it includes all factors that play a role in your general well-being including peace of mind and physical fitness. This article highlights some of the areas of healthy choices you should constantly watch over.

Healthy Choice number 1. Mindfulness-based stress reduction

Stress is an indication of a restless mind, and this isn’t good for your overall health. Given the vital role the brain plays in your life, you must keep its excitement levels constant.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a technique used by most people to keep their brain functions and emotional reactions in check to avoid over-excitement and the improper relation between the conscious and sub-conscious parts that results in stress.

Different scholars have come up with various materials, mainly publications, which offer training on how one can use mindfulness technique in controlling brain anxiety and thus, reduce stress. Here are the top five on Amazon.

Healthy Choice I. Full Catastrophe Living

This stress management guidebook forms the backbone of most studies and research into causes of stress and how to control it. This stress management guide was written by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a Massachusetts University medical scholar, and the father of mindfulness-based stress reduction theory makes it a credible and reliable guide for anyone seeking to understand and manage stress.

Healthy Choice II. Mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook

This stress management workbook contains a step by step guide that readers are encouraged to follow if they are to ably manage, and reduce the stress that has negative impacts on a person’s general performance. The authors of this book believe that by the time you are done reading this guide, you will have mastered the art of identifying the symptoms and causes of stress thus ably controlling it.

Healthy Choice  III. The relaxation and stress reduction workbook

This stress management guide has been in use for over three decades and is constantly sought after by therapists and their clients as a go-to source of stress management strategies. It outlines a practical step by step guide on how to manage and reduce stress by calming the mind. Its latest version contains even more techniques based on new research results based on the modern-day society.

Healthy Choice IV. The mayo clinic guide to stress-free living

In this book, Amit Sood, a Mayo clinic specialist explores some of the factors that cause anxiety to build-up in the brain that we refer to as stress. He further illustrates common indicators of different levels of stress in individuals before winding up with a revealing process of how to tame this relentlessness and anxiety despite its cause.

Healthy Choice V. TranquiliX – 90 Capsules

If you feel like you need an immediate solution to the anxiety and stress buildup that can’t wait for the mastery of the workbook techniques, TranquiliX presents a 100% natural solution. These capsules act as rapid stress and anxiety relievers made from wholly natural products including lavender powder and passionflower, and are aimed at reducing your stress levels fast and enhancing your moods.

Healthy Choice 2. Breath right

Apart from the oxygen supply to the body, what other benefits would you attach to breathing? Unknown to many, breathing plays a crucial role in your general health by reducing stress levels, aiding in digestion, improving your workout performance, as well as concentration, all of which lead to an improved lifestyle.

Here are five products available on Amazon that you can use to improve how you breathe.

Healthy Choice I. Breath right with SnoreCare nose vents

If you are to derive all these benefits of breathing right, your nasal system must be able to constantly draw insufficient volume of air into your lungs. But what happens if they are naturally unable to draw in enough air. You seek assistance, and SnoreCare premium vents present the solution. These are made from medical grade silicon whose sole purpose is to maximize airflow through the nasal passage.

Healthy Choice II. Respire – Essential breathing oil

Respire essential oil is specifically made to control the stuffiness and congestion of the breathing system. It is made up of wholly natural products such as rosemary, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, all of which are widely known for their healing properties. The oil is also delivered unfiltered and undiluted. Verified reviewers on Amazon praise its almost immediate healing properties.

Healthy Choice III. DoTERRA breathing essential oil

The doTERRA oil is a blend of natural products such as peppermint and lavender used to clear congested airwaves. The oil is typically applied to the chest or the back and is considered a source of good night sleep.

Healthy Choice IV. Breathing right nasal strips

These strips are gently placed across the nose of a person with a blocked or congested nasal passage and aids in helping them draw in enough air. They are mostly flexible spring-like bands that are drug-free and a good solution to individuals suffering from common colds and allergies.

Healthy Choice V. Air purifier

The number one cause of colds and nasal congestion is exposure to cold. But is there another way of fighting cold and allergies without opting to medication? Yes, the Benji Mini USB Ultrasonic Humidifier moisturizes your air before you breathe reducing congestion and allowing a good night sleep.


Healthy Choice number 3 How much water should you drink every day

According to research by CHEK Institute, the amount of water each person consumes in a day should be equal to 0.024% of their total weight. Constant drinking of water ensures your body is well-hydrated meaning that the cellular functions, including those of the brain, are functioning efficiently with an optimum intake of oxygen and nutrients. However, since you are carried this water along, only use the BPA free water bottles.

These are plastic bottles not produced using the BisPhenol A (BPA) compound.

Here are the BPA water bottles you should avoid
• Pogo BPA-free plastic water bottle with chug lid.
• Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-free water bottle.
• Polar Bottle insulated water bottle.
• Camelback chute water bottle.
• New wave enviro products BPA –free water bottle.

Healthy choice number 4 eating organic food

Clean eating refers only to eating real natural foods or as close to natural as possible. This means you are to avoid eating the processed, manufactured, canned, and any handled foods. Additionally, clean eating also calls for exploration of the path that the food takes from the farm to the table to ensure minimum handling. This natural eating is made possible by:

  • Super greens: These refer to a powerful blend of organic vegetables and herbs that energize and nourish the cells as well as aid in balancing their PH levels.
  • Juicers: These refer to a natural fruit juice blended from wholly organic fruits.
  • Probiotics: These refer to live bacteria and yeasts that aid in the digestion as well as in keeping the gut clean.
  • Omega 3: These are essential fatty acids regarded as important to the body but human beings can’t process them. Thus, they are derived from organic foods, especially seafood.
  • Bowel movement: A regular bowel movement is an indicator of a healthy body.

Healthy Choice Understanding the History of Organic Food

According to the latest statistics released by WHO, over 33 percent of Americans are either overweight with a good percentage of them being classified as grossly obese. Many factors have contributed to the obesity crisis, including the adoption of a heavily sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and especially the increased consumption of over-processed and genetically modified foods among others.
The rise in obesity cases has led to stakeholders in the industry starting to look for ways to address the problem. Solutions such as exercise have been recommended, but even before adopting a healthier lifestyle, I think it is important that people go back to natural and natural foods. Let me explain organic foods are the solution to endless health problems.

Healthy choice Eat natural foods?

Natural foods are produced using natural methods and contain no artificial food additives. The foods are normally not processed and if any pesticides are used in their production, they must be natural. Conditions such as chemical ripening are not allowed on natural foods. People who want to market certain foods as natural in the country and Europe have to attain certification to show that the food is truly natural.
The food production dilemma began with an increase in population. Genetic engineers found it necessary to create varieties of food that would maximize the yield and feed the ballooning population. However, several of the food varieties created underwent various forms of genetic mutation and the results are evident in the expanding waistlines of the population.
Take the example of wheat, which was genetically engineered to make it starchier, and as a result, it contains more calories per gram. Besides this, the mutated Amylase-A in the wheat has become even more addictive. Research shows that people who take the genetically modified wheat take in an average of 440 more calories than the recommended daily intake.
Genetic modification is just one of the problems facing food production and consumption. Other issues that affect the production of food include pesticides and artificial fertilizers being used to grow the food. These are thought to be leading to increased levels of toxins in the body of the consumer, leading to the slowing down of the metabolism and other health complications.

The benefits of eating natural key foods

The first benefit you get when you switch to natural key foods is that your general wellbeing improves greatly. This is because the food contains fewer preservatives, and is fresher. It will not have adverse effects on the digestive system.
Also, the product contains fewer pesticides, which means that your body will not accumulate toxins after eating.
The naturally raised animals are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and other animal by-products. As a result, they do attract certain resistant strains of bacteria or hormones in their system.
The consumer can eat them without fear of disease or ending up with hormone residue in their body. In addition to this, meats that are raised organically tend to be richer in certain nutrients when compared to the artificially raised animals.
Eating natural foods is one of the best ways to achieve fat loss. When you start ingesting natural and non-processed foods, you will notice your metabolism improve in performance, and as a result, you can achieve fat loss.
The health benefits that you get from investing in natural foods are countless.
When you switch to natural foods, especially those that are locally grown, you will notice the wellbeing of your family start improving, allergies will reduce and visits to the hospital will become fewer and improve in performance. If we are to overcome the obesity pandemic and all the related lifestyle diseases, we need to switch back to organic foods.
Healthy choice number 3 Cooked key food vs raw and processed key foods

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been discussing diet. What should we eat? One of the bigger arguments concerns the matter of cooked food versus raw and processed foods. While most people on the planet are used to a cooked food diet, there is a fair number of advocates of eating only uncooked, raw foods like fruits and vegetables.

Even though it’s been established that this kind of diet has a fair number of health benefits, some point out its potential problems. This article will go over the advantages of each dietary approach regarding its nutrition and health benefits as well as its impact on performance and fat loss.

Advantages Of Cooked Food

It’s Easier To Masticate And Digest

Because it is the first step in our digestive process, the act of chewing food is highly important. It breaks down large pieces of solid food into smaller pieces that will be more manageable for the rest of the digestive system. For that reason, improperly chewed food represents a problem for the body, often leading to bloating, gas and slow digestion.

Being high in fiber content, fruits and vegetables are naturally hard to process for the digestive system. Normally, cooking them takes care of that problem by breaking those fibers and plant cell walls. However, people who eat raw food are depending entirely on their bodies to break down those fibers. This constitutes a definite advantage for cooked food when it’s time to extract the living fuel out of food.

Cooking Increases The Antioxidant Properties Of Vegetables

Over the last few years, there have been several studies that found clear evidence to support the hypothesis that cooking vegetables increase their antioxidant content. One of the most important antioxidants that are affected by this process is beta-carotene. This antioxidant is later converted by the body into vitamin A, resulting in a lowered risk for heart disease, improved blood flow, and superior physical performance.

Similarly, the antioxidant lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body when the food has been cooked. This substance has been proven to facilitate a reduced risk of prostate cancer in men. Additionally, it’s been associated with a lower risk of heart disease in both men and women.

Advantages Of Raw And Processed Food

There’s No Loss Of Nutrients

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of a raw food diet regards nutrition. The process of cooking vegetables can either deactivate or, to a certain extent, destroy certain nutrients. This is particularly true for water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C and any of the B vitamins. Boiling vegetables may reduce their nutritional content by as much as 60 percent. Other methods such as steaming, roasting and stir-frying are better for retaining living fuel.

It’s important to note that, even though it reduces nutritional content, cooking food does nothing to reduce calorie density and does not help fat loss.

There’s No Enzyme Destruction

Even though it doesn’t eliminate a single calorie, the process of cooking destroys other important nutritional components of food. Such is the case with enzymes, a type of compound that acts as a catalyst to help the digestive process. It is worth noting that better digestion will always lead to a lowered calorie density and subsequent fat loss.

Even though our bodies have their digestive enzymes, foods have enzymes that aid the digestive process. For that reason, a diet consisting of raw and processed foods is associated with better digestion and reduced calorie absorption.

Looking For A Realistic Way Of Losing Weight Fast?

Adding the best apple cider vinegar to your diet will certainly benefit you in the long term, but it won’t make much of a difference without a proper plan of action. To get this focus on losing weight and to do the right things from the get-go, you need a blueprint.

If you’re after a sure-fire way to lose weight in less than 30 days, then why not try out our Fab Fat Loss 30 Journey To A Lighter Fitter You!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You will have me as a guide and a helpful, loving private community of hundreds to support you on your Fab Fat Loss journey.

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