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Best Keto Coffee It works On A Weight loss Journey 2020

Keto coffee it works review. What is it? This is something which I have been doing for years and I have gained some good results from using it. I first was introduced to it by one of my teachers Paul Chek and the bulletproof coffee king Dave Asprey. While in the mountains of Tibit Dave was starting to find the journey tough. His energy levels and breathing were getting challenged. One night while sitting with the localpeople he tried their local tea. In which they added yak butter.

Following the tea, Dave started to feel a lot better. For the rest of the trip, he drank the local keto fuel.

In October 2019 I went on a trip to Nepal/Tabit to trek up to Everest base camp. I took with me some butter. I froze to create my own keto fuel. While I was up there I had to try the tea with yaks milk. Omg amazing. I would have butter and coffee in the morning and the tea and yaks milk at lunchtime. Energy levels were amazing. I left weighing 185lbs and I returned at 170lbs. Not including the travel 11 days of walking. My diet was mainly keto.

On returning from the mountains Dave started to test the different ways to make his keto fuel. It was about 7 years before he published his findings. Controlled research is still being done.

The key thing to remember is that keto coffee is primary for energy levels. Weight loss always comes from managing the calories intake and lifestyle. Which means you can use the keto coffee on fasting days. Please have a look at the post. The complete guide to fasting. In this post, we go through how to use Keto coffee for a fasting day.

Keto coffee it works Benefits of coffee

  1. 1. Aids athlete performance or enhances work capacity. Most of the pre-workout product on the market today have caffeine in them.
  2. Clears the bowels. Due to the reactive nature of caffeine, It has been shown to aid bowel movement.
  3. “the writer’s drug”.Coffee has been shown to aids mental performance. This comes from the stimulation of the nervous system by the caffeine.
  4. Time zone shifting: Coffee can be used to aid in adjusting to new time zones quickly when traveling.


  1. It can lead to adrenal fatigue, is highly addictive. When people are on a calorie restriction diet this is one of the go-to products. As a female, you do not want to damage your adrenal glands. Due to there role in working with the Thyroid. Which manages the change in the body.
  2. The usage of coffee for bowel movements regularly can result in constipation.
  3. Coffee is very stressful for the female physiology! It is very disruptive to females with any form of menstrual irregularity and particularly troublesome for premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal females.
  4. Coffee can affect the immune system and elevated cortisol levels. This is particularly bad because it opens the door wide for both fungal and parasite infections!

What is Keto Coffee?

Keto coffee it works is simply black coffee mixed with nutritious fats.

The fats you will use can be one of the three below Grass-fed butter

Coconut oil

MCT oil

These fats will supercharge your body and help you manage your ketosis levels

Keto coffee it works: Cococunt oil in coffee

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of a coconut. It has a pleasant, sweet flavor and aroma.

There are over 1000 studies on the health qualities of coconut oil in animals and humans. Here’s what they show. We also have a post just on coconut oil and how it affects the human body.

  • Lower inflammation
    Immune system boost
  • Improved digestion
    Improve skin health

Keto coffee it works: Butter in coffee

For so many years we have been told to stay away from butter due to its effects on your cholesterol levels. Very early in my nutritional career. I had it drilled into me only eat living fuel. Also, you eat what the plant and animals eat. So grass-fed and organic seasonal food were best.

When we look at butter this is what it contains.

  • Antioxidants and heart-healthy
  • Essential Vitamin A, D, E, and K.
    Omega-3 fatty acids. In which we cannot produce and vital for brain health.
  • Anti-inflammatory and metabolic-boosting properties.

When we look at keto coffee it is a top 10 to have on your weight loss journey. Please be careful how you use it. Remember anything that is good for you to rotate it. So the body does not build up an intolerance to it.

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