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Tips On Drinking Keto Wine On Your Weight loss Journey 2020

Keto wine. Let’s talk about keto wines and see if we can drink wine on a keto fuel diet. When we talk about keto fuel. We have a basic understanding that it has to be low in carbs to be a keto fuel.

If you didn’t know already most wines are low in carbohydrates. Which is great when we look at it from the information above. There are a few more things which we have to be aware of when we are looking for the right bottle of keto wine. In this post, we are going to be highlighting the best keto wines and tips to follow when drink keto wine.

Keto wine: Does wine make you unhealthy

When thinking about what makes a person unhealthy. We have to always remember anything we do in excess will always become unhealthy due to the fact the body can only balance so much. Cycles are key to any maintaining a beautiful healthy emotional mind body and soul.

When we talk about wine or alcohol it has been given a bad name due to the excess consume leading to overwhelming the body and opening it up to a number of different conditions.A year-long study was done on Red or white wine consumption effects on atherosclerosis in healthy individuals (In Vino Veritas study). 



We did not find any clinically relevant differences in the lipid profile, CRP, fasting blood glucose and other markers of atherosclerosis, between long-term consumption of red and white wine. Moreover, we were unable to confirm the hypothesis that wine drinking is associated with an elevation of HDL.

Sugar in wine .Whenever we talk about weight loss. We are always looking to put the body in a negative balance to support the body reducing body fat. We have to remember that there are different types of calories. Calories with nutrition and calories without nutrition.

When you look at this chart you will see how many calories there are in each alcoholic beverage. So you could be loading your body with no nutrition. Which will lead to malnutrition or syndrome X. The effect of this happens to women quicker than men.


What is Residual Sugar in Wine and Where Does it Come From?

Residual Sugar Definition

Residual Sugar is from natural grape sugars leftover in a wine after the alcoholic fermentation finishes. It’s measured in grams per liter.

What is residual sugar (that sugar word heart rate just went up) it feels a bit off-putting when we hear this word sugar. We’ve been told that wines don’t taste sweet. let’s look at residual sugar in wine and what to find in different wines.

How Much Residual Sugar is there in our Wine?

The levels of residual sugar vary in wine. In lots of stores wines are labeled “dry” but contain a level of 10 g/L of residual sugar. Most sweet wines start at around 35 grams per liter of residual sugar and then go up from there.

To get a basic understanding of sugar in wine the sugar in grapes is a blend of glucose and fructose. During the fermentation process, the yeast eats the sugars converting it into alcohol. The fermentation is sometimes stopped to conserve the sugar to maintain the sweat taste. This is done through chilling or filtration.

So when looking at wine bottles remember to check the residual sugar levels. This aims at 10 or below. Also when managing the amount of wine is key and quality. Drinking biohack wine is the number one choice. Things to look for in a bottle of biohack wine.


Keto wine biohack is elevation.

Grapes grown at 2000 feet or higher are key. For their high exposure to the sun and cold weather. The combination of these two helps the resveratrol and polyphenols in the grapes.  


keto wine biohack is extended fermentation.

The standard fermentation is 1-2 days. You are looking for a wine that has been in fermentation for up to 15 days. Which has a major effect on the antioxidants levels.

keto wine biohack is to appropriately adjust the pH of the wine.

The Ph levels are key to a bottle of keto wine. It is the main director of the taste and body of the keto wine. To manage this process company’s use sugar to help balance the PH levels. So when you see a bottle high is sugar. It is a red flag to poor ph levels.   

Keto wine filtration.

A proper filtration process can significantly reduce the sulfites in wine. The average bottle of wines have sulfites that range at around 50 parts per million (ppm).

keto wine Fitvinewine FitVine Wine was born when friends made a pact to craft amazing and healthy wines that also fit their lifestyles. Their team is always on the go, whether we’re doing CrossFit, cycling, running, skiing, paddle boarding, or just enjoying the outdoors. We set about combining our love for wine and fitness with an ethic for sustainability.

If you love wine, and you want to lower your sugar intake, are looking for a vegan option, are on the keto diet or want to address certain allergies, our wine might be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. We make our wines from the best pesticide-free, grapes for full alcohol, approachable, clean taste experience.

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