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Best Plus Size Bra For Health And Fitness Review 2021

Best plus size bra for health and fitness Sports bras are one of the most important items of clothing to wear while exercising. These bras provide the support necessary to engage in physical activity without straining one’s back and causing strain, soreness, and pulling on the breasts.

Excessive bouncing while performing a physical activity is nearly impossible to avoid, which is where the support from a good bra comes in. These bras tend to be more comfortable than regular wired bras while simultaneously providing more support in comparison.

plus size bra

Plus size bra Full Coverage

Correctly made plus size sports bras will allow wearers to maintain full coverage. While other bras may offer less coverage, the more coverage your bra gives you, the more secure you will feel when exercising.

Designed specifically to support plus size and bustier women, these bras are a worthwhile investment in your health and wellbeing.

Experiencing Pain in the Upper Back?

Sizing sports bras can prove to be difficult at times, as not all sports bras are sold in traditional bra sizes. You may find yourself between

If you’re wearing a sports bra and still experiencing pain in the upper back while exercising, it is highly possible the band you have chosen is too loose. An ill-fitting band will not provide the support necessary in order to support your back during physical activity.

Make sure to choose a band that feels comfortably tight without digging into your back. Avoiding pain in the upper back is as simple as choosing a band that is snug without being overly tight.

Plus size bra Strap In

While the band is likely going to be the most important feature of feeling comfortable in your sports bra, you’ll also need to key into the fit of the straps when shopping around.

If the straps of your sports bra are digging into your skin, it is likely you have not purchased the correct size. While some bras may allow you to adjust the straps similarly to the way regular bras do, most come in fixed sizes that do not leave much room at all.

This is done purposefully, as these bras do need to be fairly tight in order to provide the all-around support necessary for dynamic movements. Those focused on their fitness and health will likely want a plus size bra that works with them, providing them the support necessary for avoiding pain in the upper back as well as shoulder pain.

Choosing the Right Plus size bra

With everything that must be taken into consideration, as well as the many different types of sports bras out there, it can be difficult to know what type of bra is right for you.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the best plus size sports bras, each available for purchase from Amazon.

5 Best Amazon Bras for Your Plus Size Bra Needs

1. Cabales Women’s Seamless Wireless Bra

Topping the list of our recommended Amazon bras, this bra takes a classic yet effective approach to creating the perfect plus size bra meant for supporting the female back.

Having aggregated over 3000 bra sizes in order to convert them to the corresponding sizes of their sports bras, Cabales bras work to ensure they are providing their wearers with the proper fit.

Those focused on using these plus size sports bras for health reasons will be happy with the seamless design meant to promote a comfortable experience. Wearers will avoid any potential chafing as well as any potential spillage thanks to the secure yet comfortable design of this bra.

Pros & Cons

Plus size bra Pros

  • Seamless
  • Commitment to delivering the correct size
  • Double layer compression

Plus size bra Con

  • Hand-wash recommended

2. Glamorise Women’s Elite Performance Full Figure Bra

Adding to the list of well-made Amazon bras is this plus size bra from Glamorise. Wirefree and made to support the female back, this bra is truly impressive. Providing shaping, support, and lift as well as moisture-wicking, this is one of the most comfortable bras out there.

The moisture-wicking feature makes this the ideal bra for exercise and fitness, as the full coverage and support will make dynamic movement simple.

The back is designed with a secure hook-and-eye closure modeled after regular bras in order to ensure it is the correct fit for your back, while the straps are adjustable in order to ensure the bra is also not digging into your shoulders.

Equipped with bounce control and extra breathability, this bra is a must-try for any athletes, gym-enthusiasts, and runners alike.

Pros & Cons

Plus size bra Pros

  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Wireless

Plus size bra Con

  • Fairly compressive and restrictive

3. Champion Women’s Plus-Size Vented Compression Bra

This plus size bra mimics the design of other Champion sports bras while adding in slightly more coverage. These bras also provide great suppression and support, making them likely to help even the most full-figured feel completely secure.

Complete with Champion’s Double Dry technology, this is one of the most breathable plus size sports bras out there. While many bras choose to sacrifice comfort for support or support for breathability, this Champion bra does neither.

A well-crafted and comfortable bra, this bra is ideal for light exercise yet comfortable enough to wear while running errands or even sleeping.

Pros & Cons

Plus size bra Pros

  • Classic Champion Design
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable

Plus size bra Con

  • Straps are not adjustable

4. Enell Full Coverage High Impact Plus Size Bra

This Enell plus size bra is one of few Amazon bras built to provide maximum coverage. If you are looking for full coverage, plus size sports bras, you likely already know how challenging it can be to actually find a bra that fits.

Once it fits, however, that is not merely enough. The bra must provide chest support all while keeping the safety of the female back in mind. The Enell bra covers all of that, providing their bras with movement control bands that make their bras perfect for moving about in.

This bra is even designed with uniquely wide straps in order to help evenly distribute the weight they are supporting. This in turn makes things easier on your back, keeping you supported yet comfortable all the same.

If you’re looking for no-nonsense sports bras that are guaranteed to provide you with complete coverage, look no further.

Pros & Cons

Plus size bra Pros

  • Moisture-wicking Spandex
  • Movement control
  • Fits snugly

Plus size bra Con

  • Extra coverage makes this a fairly substantial bra

5. Glamorise Full Figure No Bounce Camisole

Similar to the Enell bra, this Glamorise plus size bra provides wearers with maximum coverage. Highly breathable and considerate of the female back, this bra makes sure to provide the maximum coverage possible.

However, this Glamorise bra once again stands out from the crowd as it features clasps and adjustable straps.

Providing simultaneous impressive control and livability, this bra functions without a wire in order to provide you with the freedom to move around thanks to its adjustable no-slip straps.

Pros & Cons

Plus size bra Pros

  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • 3-position back closure

Plus size bra Con

  • Not best for those looking for minimal coverage

plus size bra

Purchasing a Plus Size Bra: Things to Consider

When purchasing a plus size bra, it is important to keep in mind the multiple types of sports bras out there.


These plus size bras work very hard to truly encapsulate and hold your chest in. These bras typically create the illusion of having a singular support, providing no differentiation between breasts.

This bra is typically ideal only for those with a smaller bust.


These bras comprise most the sports bras featured on this list and work to support each breast individually. This is ideal for women with slightly larger busts, as each breast requires more support.


Many full-figured and plus size women prefer a combination of both bras. Taking the movability of compression bras and combining it with the support of encapsulation bras, these are some of the best sports bras out there for full-figured women.

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