Shoulder Exercises For Women

Best Shoulder Exercises For Women Review 2021

Shoulder Exercises For Women.Whenever we talk about the shoulder.We have to remember the differance between men and women..Whenever we talk about the shoulder.We have to remember the differance between men and women.Not it the structure but in the strenght profile.Natural women are stronger joint wise for the waist down.But due to muscle development and Qangle of the hip and Knee.They have a hrader time then men.The shoulder joint and shoulder girdle are the same.

Due to the weight of the head and brests.Not forgetting the referal point during monthly cycle.When training the shoulder area as women train smarter not harder.

Traning the upperbody as a women has a greater demand on the energy resousese then the lower body.In which will have a bigger affect on weight loss.

In this post we are going to look at the best shoulder exercsies to have in your weight loss program.

Just so we know the differerance here are two pictures showing the shoulder girdle and shoulder joint.Balaning the two are key to a health shoulder.

The Best Shoulder Exercises For Women

Fit Library:4 Point shoulder press

Fit library Shoulder Exercises For Women Instructions:

  • This is the number one exercsie for intergrating the shoulder joint and girdle
  • Try not to rock backwards and forward.
  • Try and keep spinal stiffiness

Shoulder Exercises For Women:Standing shoulder press


Fit library Shoulder Exercises For Women Instructions:

  • The barbell version will challange the shoulder girdle aswell as the shoulder joint
  • If you feel yourself rocking try and use a split stance

Shoulder Exercises For Women:Dumbbell Press

Fit library Shoulder Exercises For Women Instructions:

  • You will be suprised by how much this will challange the whole body in maintaining posture during the exercise
  • Try not to let the come below your ears
  • Maintain aliglment with your ear when pushing up above your head


Shoulder Exercises For Women Dumbbell thruster

Fit library Shoulder Exercises For Women Instructions:

  • This exercise is great for getting over a strength sticking point.
  • Maintain weight mid foot
  • Prace the core when driving upwards

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