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The Complete Guide To Fasting Achieving Optimal Health 2020

The purpose of the complete guide to fasting is to help with all the vast amount of information available about fasting. The main focus will be on the effects on women and trying to provide you with science-based evidence as well as practical easy tips for fasting for body fat and fasting for gut health.

The Complete Guide to fasting content

History of fasting

The complete guide to fasting review, we are going to look at the history of fasting. We look at fasting in the current world as something new and exciting. It has been around for thousands of years. At different stages through our human development, we have not made a choice to fast. It has been due to our environment. Due to the cold winter, there was no food for us. So we could go weeks without food. Even in the environment we possibly are living in.

In our new age, we have food all year around. Even foods that are grown in specific environments and only come about in specific seasons. We now have them all year round. In the past, we did not have a choice to fast. It was put on us by our environment. We have now made fasting very scientific. In my opinion, the key point to take away from this complete guide to fasting. Is to really focus on your mind and body connection. Notice your energy levels. How you respond or react to situations. Looking to respond more than reacting.

The complete guide to fasting: Different types of fasting

Intermittent fasting

Whenever we look at fasting all of them are some form of intermitted fasting.In the truest sense of this system. The eating window is 14-18 hours of fasting and 6-8 hours of eating. The types of food you eat when breaking the fast is key. We will be going into this later in this post.

Time-restricted eating

This is the most common system used. The time used ranges from 12-16 hours. For example, have your last meal at 6 pm and the next meal is between 6 am and 9 am the next day.

16/8 fasting

This another time window for fasting. I like using this one on training days.8 hours eating window.Meal 1 2 hours later training.Meal 1 30 mins after training. Roughly halfway thought the 8-hour window. Meal 3 2 hours after post-meal.Fast for 16 hours

Alternate day fasting

This system I like to use on my non-training day or days I know I am doing a limited amount of movement. The system is limiting your food intake to 25% of your total daily intake.

5:2 Diet

This is a specific route compared to the above system. 5 days of the week you eat your normal amount of calories. For the next two day limit your calories to 500 a day.

The warrior diet

This was the system that really got me into understanding the power of fasting. It is 20 hours of limited eating. Then a four eating window. Taking your body into an overeating window.

The complete guide to fasting: Choosing the right system

Rule one when fasting. Listen to your body. Do not push your body into fasting. Give it time. It can take up to a year to get used to fasting. For beginners, I would recommend the time-restricted fasting method.

When we look at the foods this will depend on the goal you are looking to achieve. Try and use a supporting app to record your macros and calories. Most importantly to keep a mood diary. To measure your mind and body connect with the fasting.

So when we look at the examples above. All of the fall under the title of intermittent fasting. It is the most popular one that people use. Due to its major impact on body compersion.


For Beginner use a 12-14 hour window. Starting from your evening meal at 6-7 pm and don’t consume any food until the next morning between 7-9 am completing three meal by 6-7 pm

For intermediate use a 16-18 hour window.In your 8-6 eating window. Try and only eat two meals.

For Advance use a 20-22 hour window. In your 2-4 hour window move to one meal time.

Most importantly remember to help maintain your hormone levels. You need to maintain your calorie intake for your health.

When training try and only use the beginner fasting windows to help avoid moving into overtraining.

The complete guide to fasting benefits

Help improve body composition and lose weight.

This is positive if done correctly. The main weight that is lost is water weight and lean tissue. This is important to achieving long term weight management. I would advise investing in a good set of body fat scales to help monitor your progress. If your Fasting protocol goes well your body will secrete growth hormones, which will support the burning of body fat and preventing muscle wastage.

Increased energy due to fasting

Being part of the animal kingdom and being like our manual brothers and sisters. We tend to be more active when hungry and sedentary once we are fed. This sounds like it should be the other way around. In long fasting stages, the body reacts to this and rises the levels of adrenaline in the body. This will support the positive increase in energy levels. This is a big plus but we have to be careful about how much pressure we put on the adrenal glands. If this is not monitored it can lead to adrenal fatigue.

Gut health

The gut is regarded as the second brain and the home of your immune system. The effects of fasting of the gut are major. It gives the gut a chance to rest and reset its systems. To lower the stress on its walls. It will give the gut a chance to increase microbial and increase fermentation. Which are key to making your gut and immune system bulletproof.

Regulate eating habits

Whenever we talk about hunger. We have to mention the hormone Ghrelin. This hormone is responsible for playing the lord of the rings, voice my pressures. Every time we see a packet of peanut m&ms. Or is that just me hahaha. The opposite hormone to Ghrelin is leptin. Creating love and harmony between these two hormones is important for a balance of hunger and satisfied.

A key point to this benefit is that fasting has been shown to help this. In men, it has shown to have more benefits than women. Further down in this post we go into more detail about fasting and female health.

Brain Health

In this new world full of logical and emotional stress. The brain and soul become so overwhelmed with stress. Fasting has been shown to help protect the nervous system and help create new neural pathways. Also helping with producing brain hormones.

The complete guide to fasting

The one other fasting system we are going to look at is fasting for gut health


My biggest advice before starting this fast. Is that you have reached the advanced stage of the intermediate fasting system. Before trying this stage.

The name of this system is caloric liquid fast or CLF for short. This system can be done from 24 hours up to three days. Your mind and body need to be in a good place. Happy and stress-free.Try and complete this when you are not at work to start with.

In this system the only things you are consuming are. Bone broth fatty coffee, low sugar green juices. The main reason for the low sugar is to help maintain blood sugar levels throughout the fast. Healthy fats like coconut to help maintain energy levels.

organic bone broth  best coconut oil

Please only attempt this fast once you have mastered the intermittent fasting stages.

The complete guide to fasting

What happens to your body during a Fast

12 hours

  • Mental challenges with hunger
  • Mild ketosis

16-18 hours

  • Increase fat burning
  • Increased energy levels
  • Felling energetic

24 hours

  • Increased growth hormones production
  • Sugar stores are getting low

36 hours

  • Hungar
  • weak
  • lethargic

48 hours

  • More stable mood
  • Better energy levels
  • increase growth hormones

60 hours

  • Increased fat metabolism
  • High energy levels

The complete guide to fasting for female health

complete guide to fasting

The first point I have to make about fasting as a lady. The research around fasting is still in its early stages.Most of the research has been done which male subjects. Always remembering equal but not the same. The female body has more operating systems then the male body. Remembering that feel body has more rhythms to manage than the male body.

So when we look at fasting we can’t just stop eating and have a few shakes like a male body. Quality management is key.

So the methods for female fasting are slightly different from the above systems. These are systems we have used in our to fatloss 30 programs.

The first method is the Crescedo method. The fasting window for this method is 12-16 hours. This should not be done on connective days. Also on less active days. The maximum amount of day.3 per week

The second method is eat-stop-eat. I love this method. I use it and my partner and daughter use it getting great results. On two Sundays a month we do a 24-hour fast.6 pm Saturday night to 6 pm Sunday evening. We make it family time.

In the fatloss 30 programs, we have used a combination of both of these systems.

The complete guide to fasting

Warning signs women should look out for

  • Irregular or missing period
  • Infertility
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • Slow recovery
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Low libido
  • Decreased Gym performance
  • low energy
  • Fatigue

Who should be careful with fasting

  • Extremely lean body types Males below 10% body fat women below 18% body fat
  • Diabetes type 1-2
  • Pre-menopausal women

People who should avoid fasting

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Anyone with hypothyroidism
  • Anyone post-operation
  • People on any medication like warfarin
  • Low BMI (under 20)

Side effects due to fasting

  • Binge eating
  • Low energy
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Muscle cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation

The complete guide to fasting

How to break the fast

Rule 1

All water is stoped 30 minutes before breaking the fast

Rule 2

Start the meal with living fuel.Fruit or vegetable

Rule 3

Eat your protein source before your carb source

Rule 4

Wait 30 min after the meal before drinking any fluid.


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