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How To Do A Turkish Get up For Weight Loss 2020

How to do a Turkish get up review. In a previous post, we looked at the deadlift.A big bang exercise which challenges the whole body. In this post, we are looking at another big bang exercise.Which will aid weight loss and a progression on from the deadlift.

If Used correctly are a great addition to your existing workout equipment that helps you stay in good health as well as increase fat loss. And, if you have been injured, they are a great tool for supplementing movement rehab when working on injury recovery or performance improvement.

What’s a kettlebell?

A kettlebell comes in two types. Competition style kettlebells are constructed of steel that comes in all the same sizes regardless of their weight. They are differentiated by color-coding to make distinguishing them easier. In contrast, regular cast-iron Best kettlebells increase in the size of the kettlebell as the weight increases.

Why train with kettlebells?

Helping you to stay strong and healthy, especially if you are going through rehab, a kettlebell workout is an efficient way to work out when you don’t have the budget or time for the gym. Plus, if you have limited storage space for workout equipment at home, Best kettlebells are the perfect answer to a workout regimen that will keep you motivated on your weight loss journey.

Turkish get up

Movement Patterns: Vertical Push
Equipment Used: Kettlebell set
Muscle Groups: Outer Unit

Fit library Turkish get up Instructions:

  • Lying on your back on the floor holding a single kettlebell at arm’s length above your shoulder.
  • Drawing your belly button inwards perform a sit up whilst holding the dumbbell overhead using your opposite arm for assistance.
  • From the sitting position bend one knee and place your foot on the floor whilst tucking the opposite leg behind your knee.
  • Push off your leg to rise to stand.
  • Reverse the movements lowering under control then repeat.

Benefits of Using a Kettlebell for a Turkish get up

Besides getting an efficient kettlebell workout, some of the benefits of using a kettlebell (Turkish get up) include combining the benefits of fat loss, muscle toning, muscular endurance, and cardiorespiratory conditioning.

The Turkish get up can also improve your health and flexibility, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce your stress, all with a versatile piece of equipment. A Kettlebell will also help you to improve your peak performance allowing you to achieve your set goals while also helping you to reach new ones.

Your functional ability will also improve as your workouts translate to improving your performance in day to day activities and athletic events By using a combination of movement, the Turkish get up requires you to use and contract several different muscle groups instead of just working on one area like your abs.

You get a total body exercise with multi-planes of motion of man muscle groups and joints that burns fat. Turkish get up exercise is a great addition to a good nutrition plan and are a good way to replace long cardio routines with a few Kettlebell intervals instead.

  • The Turkish get up aids in developing strength & power
  • Considered a functional training tool
  • The Turkish get up improve active flexibility and range of motion
  • The Turkish get up helps to improve body composition and gaining lean mass
  • Improved core musculature and function
  • The Turkish get up improved endurance and exercise tolerance
  • Muscular hypertrophy
  • The Turkish get up cardiovascular improvements where exercise is programmed appropriately to challenge this
  • The Turkish get up are a suitable strength training medium for female clients
  • Excellent additional training skill to offer as a fitness professional

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