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8 Reasons Why Am I So Fat And Tips For Weight loss Review 2020

When we ask ourselves “why am I so fat”.So many reasons come out. In this review I am going to through 8 reasons trying to help answer the question why am I fat, and look at how we can measure them. Also, some tips and references to aid you on your weight loss journey and changing the question why am I so fat to the statement.I look so amazing.

Below are the top 10 reasons why am I so fat

  1. Poor Sleep
  2. Cortisol stress
  3. Leptin Insensitivity
  4. Food allergies and food intolerances
  5. Low thyroid
  6. Too many calories
  7. Not enough calories
  8. Not enough movement

“The ability of the human body to burn fat at an extremely high efficiency”

Why am I So Fat Poor Sleep

If there is one reason why am I so fat. Not getting enough sleep is massive. 25% of your daily energy expenditure happens when you are asleep. This is the point at which your body has its management meeting to address and improve any problems.

After 4 hours of a dark sleep ( the body has many light receptors the led on a tv can disrupt the dark factor in your room). The lights in your house and on your phone will tell the body receptor that it is still day time.

Tips to address this. From 7 pm turn all overhead lights off and on use low lit lamp. Turn down the light setting on your phones and pads.

Try not to use them after 8 pm.Once you reach the 4-hour mark your body starts to produce melatonin. If your stress levels are high it can disrupt this. Tip for this keep a pad of paper and pen next to the bed and any major through you have to write in down and look at it in the morning.

Following the melatonin production. Leptin enters the hypothalamus and stimulates the thyroid and helps increases the metabolism and helps the release of growth hormones. Which in turn promotes the use of your body fat for energy while you are asleep.

When optimal sleep has not been reached the body starts to produce the hunger hormone ghrelin. Which manages appetite and regulates Leptin. Also, lack of sleep will increase the stress hormone cortisol and lower testosterone.

How much sleep should I get? The body goes through 90 min cycles when sleeping. On average in one week.35 cycles are needed for health.9-12 hours.

Why am I So Fat Cortisol stress

When talking about stress. I always have to remember that you need a certain amount of stress for our body systems to learn. For examples exercise. Remember that we exercise for the body to learn and adapt to the stress we are putting it under. In this new world, we keep pushing the boundaries of stress to the point of no recovery.

When we create stress we create a Catabolic (fight or flight) window of a breakdown in the body. When we rest and recovery we create an anabolic (rest and digest) window of development.

When we are looking at fat loss the hormone cortisol is key. Also, know as your natural pain killer. Cortisol advises the liver the released sugar, in turn, the Pancrase will release insulin. If this happens too much it will lead to becoming insulin resistance. This will have an impact on a person’s health and vitality. You may even see a drop in body fat % but not a drop in weight.

Tips.Train SMARTER not harder.For every hard training session.Double the rest time.For every long stressful day. Decrease the volume of your training session by 10%.

Why am I So Fat Leptin Insensitivity

As we have read earlier.Leptin work in harmine with ghrelin.The balance of your hunger and appetite. When the leptin becomes insensitive it can affect your fat stores. Large calorie intake can stress the leptin which can stimulate high insulin levels. Following a large release of leptin. This creates a pro-inflammatory environment. Which will help with free radicals and cell damage. So when we are managing our food intake. We have to be aware of leptin and ghrelin. Tip 1 never eat in a rush. Tip 2 always sit down when eating. Tip 3 chew food at least 35 times first.

Why am I So Fat Food allergies and food intolerances

Food allergies and food intolerance.Number one rule with this area. Is that if you love the food rotate it. If we were to take a hundred people. Then asked then for a food diary for over 3 months. We will find that they have a focused plan of 10 repeated meals and repeated habits.

So when this happens there is a high chance of the body building up allergies or intolerance to food. So when you rotate or cycle your food. It gives your gut a chance to cycle that piece or group of food out of your system.

Another reason for this happening is when there is a lack of digestive enzymes. Which can lead to undigested food particles, leaky gut. Which will create an unhappy environment. Affecting the process of digestion which is key to weight loss. You are what you can not eliminate.

Why am I So Fat Low thyroid

The thyroid the master regulator of the body. The thyroid supports the brain and carries out the operational information from the brain. You could call the Thyroid the CFO of the body. Managing the cardiovascular system, bone, and glucose metabolism and a whole host of other systems trying to create homeostasis in the body.

Due to the different types of stress, people are under. It can create a high and low impact on individual thyroid health. We are looking at low Thyroid health. Which has a big impact on the reasons why I am so fat.

Stress levels have the biggest impact on this. Followed by gut health, excess iodine, and vitamin D.Getting control of this is key to aid and support weight loss.

Tip 1 increase your good fat intake. This is key for supporting your vitamin D intake.

Why am I So Fat Too many calories

If you are a lover of food like me. Then you know this is a key one for you. There is a real science to this. Which I am going to cover. Always remember you are an emotional being and we are all different with our emotional software. So always keep that in mind when you are monitoring your calorie intake.

So when we look at this reason why am I so fat. We have to assume that our body is in a state of metabolic inefficiency. Which is the body is not using fat as the preferred fuel source for every day active not a gym session.

So to manage this we have to address what is our individual BMR is.(Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR is the number of calories you would burn if you were asleep all day). To do this all we need is your height, weight, and age. So we can get a subjective measure.

To calculate please click here.BMR

Once you have found out your BMR. The selection of food is key. Try and stick calorie-dense food and rotate them around to support your gut health.

Why am I So Fat Not enough calories

The most basket form of weight loss is calorie restriction. Which works very well when all the systems in the body are working up to 80%. Long term use of this system down-regulates the thyroid. Lower muscle tissue which is key to long term weight management. Which will lead to a hormonal imbalance.

Never cut more than 800 calories per day for more than 4 consecutive weeks.

Why am I So Fat Not enough movement

Our development in our lifestyle has moved a lot quicker. Then our bodies. We have moved from a physical workout to pushing buttons and getting the job done. Due to the lack of movement. Our bodies cannot work at their optimal.



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