Women's Weightlifting Shoes

Best Women’s Weightlifting Shoes For Training 2023

Your Buyers Guide for the Best Women’s Weightlifting Shoes. You may assume that any quality athletic shoes are okay for weightlifting. That is not accurate for a number of reasons. Basically, the best running shoes are great for running, and the best walking shoes are perfect for walkers. However, they are not specifically designed for weightlifting.

The same is true for other shoes made for sports like, tennis and basketball. However, the best weightlifting shoes are made explicitly for weightlifting. Different types of athletic shoes may have excellent arch support and other important features for the particular sport they are designed.

The problem is that they do not provide the same critical support and balance as a shoe built for weightlifting. Here is a short list of a few things to look for when searching for the Women’s Weightlifting Shoes, followed by a list of the  five of the best women’s weightlifting shoes.

Tips on Selecting the Best Weightlifting Shoes

There three important tips you need to keep in mind when picking the best weightlifting shoes. You need to make certain they fit properly, provide the right kind of support, and how much the shoe weighs.

• Fit – When deciding on the best pair of weightlifting shoes, deadlift shoes, or bodybuilding shoes, fit is the first priority. Both men’s weightlifting shoes and women’s weightlifting shoes must fit securely to your feet. Wear the same socks you use to work out when trying on your shoes. The best weightlifting shoes should fit snugly, without pinching or causing irritation.

• Support and stability – This is the one key difference between deadlift shoes and bodybuilding shoes. The best weightlifting shoes provide tremendous support. Running shoes have too much cushion, which reduces stability. The best weightlifting shoes allow you to firmly press and control large weights, while providing stable support.

• Shoe Weight – The final thing to keep in mind, when searching for the best weightlifting shoes, deadlift shoes, or bodybuilding shoes, is the weight of the shoes. This may seem like something without any importance, but it is. Normal athletic shoes are often ultra lightweight. The best weightlifting shoes are heavier, and this added weight provides extra balance and support.

The Five Best Women’s Weightlifting Shoes

  1. women’s weightlifting shoes:Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter
  2. women’s weightlifting shoes:Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoes
  3. women’s weightlifting shoes:Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3 1
  4. women’s weightlifting shoes:More Mile Super Lift 3 Women’s Crossfit/Best Weightlifting Shoes
  5. women’s weightlifting shoes:Pendlay Women’s 15PFUSSIL – Best Weightlifting Shoes


Colors Black/Gold/White/Black/Pewter Black/Black/Pink/Purple/Blue Energy Pink/Energy Blue Black/Black
Pink/Black Pink/Black/White

Sizes 7W to 10W (US) 5W to 9W (US) 10W to 15W (US) 6W to 8.5W (US) 5M,11.5M,11M (US)
Price Range High Medium/High Affordable Affordable Medium

weightlifting shoes women:Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter


o The Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter has double Velcro straps across the top for an extra secure fit.
o There is a firm double layer band across the top of your foot provides excellent support.
o These shoes are structurally designed for Olympic caliber lifting.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes Pros

• They are slightly heavier than other women’s weightlifting shoes, which improves the feeling of stability.
• The effective heel height is nearly a full inch to keep you balanced.
• This shoe has a full, perforated leather upper for outstanding durability.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes Cons

• Narrow toe can be uncomfortable if the balls of your feet are wide.
• The leather upper portion can take longer to break in than other shoes that use a synthetic material.


weightlifting shoes women:Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoe


o The Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 335 is a lighter, more versatile weightlifting shoe.
o There are interesting color combinations used in this shoe that enhance its visual appeal.
o There is a ¾-inch Velcro strap across the top of your foot for that secure fit necessary for power lifting and bodybuilding.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Pros

• This option on your list of women’s weightlifting shoes has a platform-style heel for stable footing.
• The enhanced heel cushioning allows this shoe to be used for more diverse types of workouts, such as cross-training programs.
• This is a lighter shoe than many women’s weightlifting shoes, weighing 12-ounces.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Cons

• This shoe only comes in two colors, a basic all black and a flamboyant pink/purple combination.
• The full synthetic mesh across the top of the foot is not as durable as other shoes that use stiffer types of materials.


weightlifting shoes women:Adidas Women’s Powerlift 4 1W


o The Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3 1W is one of the best women’s weightlifting shoes because of its outstanding support.
o It blends a breathable synthetic upper with a non-slip rubber sole for excellent traction.
o This shoe has a lightweight synthetic upper that is durable and provides excellent support.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Pros

• This shoe is designed specifically weightlifting. It uses a high-density midsole with a wedge for improved stability.
• The forefoot area of this shoe is open. It is flexible for improved comfort.
• Of all the best weightlifting shoes on your list, the Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3 1W has the most appealing price.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Cons

• The Adidas Women’s Powerlift 3 1W only comes in two rather flamboyant colors, energy blue and energy pink.
• This option on your list of the best weightlifting shoes for women is a flatter design, and may not be comfortable for women with a high arch.


weightlifting shoes women:More Mile Super Lift 3 Women’s Crossfit/Best Weightlifting Shoes


o The front of the outsole is made with a molded rubber design to improve grip and allow more freedom of movement.
o There is an extra inner lining inside this shoe that helps wick moisture away from your feet.
o This is a heavier shoe, which is constructed to provide the most stable platform for heavy lifts.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Pros

• There is a double lockdown strap across the top arch and the mid foot for improved stability.
• The uppers are a breathable and durable mesh.
• With a double stiffened heel, you will be able to feel the improved rear foot stability.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Cons

• The heel to toe drop on this shoe isn’t as pronounced as others in your list of the best weightlifting shoes.
• This shoe has no tread on the sole so it doesn’t provide the best traction on all surfaces.


weightlifting shoes women:Pendlay Women’s 15PFUSSIL – Best Weightlifting Shoes



o The Pendaly 15PFUSSIL uses the Do-Win™ wide toebox shape to prevent pinching during heavy lifting.
o There are two metatarsal straps across your foot to make sure your shoes stay tight and secure.
o This shoe has a wider heel than most of the best weightlifting shoes, which helps provide a more stable base for women.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Pros

• This shoe uses synthetic leather, so it offers exceptional foot support.
• There is a full ¾-inch heel height to keep you properly positioned on heavy lifts.
• The Pendlay 15PFUSSIL has one of the firmest soles to give you that extra edge for deadlifts and overhead moves.

Women’s Weightlifting Shoes:Cons

• The only sizes available for this women’s weightlifting shoe is based on men’s US sizes.
• There is only one color offered for this choice for the best weightlifting shoes.

These are the five best men’s weightlifting shoes and women’s weightlifting shoes. Each shoe has a few unique features that you may find better suit your training aspirations. Make sure you follow the three suggestions mentioned.

This will help to ensure you get the fit, plus the support and stability you need out of your footwear. Any of these choices make excellent deadlift shoes or bodybuilding shoes. These are the five best weightlifting shoes for men and women. Enjoy any of these shoes for the stability you need to feel confident on every lift.



best weightlifting shoes

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