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Best Yoga Sex Exercises To Improve Sexual Performance 2020

Research shows yoga sex exercise can boost and drive sexual performance. Let your practice inspire more intimacy and passion in the bedroom.

Best Yoga Sex Positions

Yoga sex exercise Lotus Pose

lotus pose

This is a meditation pose to help reset your think. To take you out of your logical brain and into your animal brain. Taking you into the rest and digest section of your nervous system.

This is the part of your system that runs the reproductive system. One of the biggest impacts on our sex life is not sitting still and letting out body reset. This is the number one yoga sex exercise to perform 1-2 times a day. The more you can get into nature to do it the better.

When performing this yoga sex exercise. Remember to drive all your breathing through your nose and belly.

During each breathe focus on the below steps.

Step 1: Be positive.

Start with an affirmative statement like “I am good at sex,” “I have an amazing body for sex,” or “I love sex with my partner.”


Step 2: Be here now.

Language creates our reality. Use present tense to cultivate your intention. For example, “I am rooted and powerful.” Or, “I am a loving, ever-changing parent.”

Step 3: Don’t worry about how.

Resist getting caught up in the minutiae of how your intention will come true. Leave room to be surprised.

Yoga sex exercise child pose

(Balasana)Yoga term for childs pose 

This exercise Stretches: Ankles, Thighs, Hips, Lower Back

The key focus of this yoga sex exercise is to help relax and reset the first and second chakra. Which are the emotional centers for your personal grounding and relationships with your self and others.

From a physical point of view. This yoga sex exercise helps to relax all the muscles in and around the pelvic area. Due to our lives, we lead. Our movement levels have dropped and this area in which is a key driver when it comes to sex. It does not get love and management it needs to be ready for the connection with our partner because we have to connect with our selves first.

Sex exercise Instructions

  • Place your knees on the floor and sitting on your ankles.
  • Gently lean forward until your forehead touches the ground.
  • Place your arms straight out in front of you or behind you.
  • This is the “rest” pose in yoga.
  • It’s a restorative pose that you should come back to any time you stretch intensely or just feel that you need a break.
  • Concentrate on breathing deeply like in the pose before and filling your lower torso up with air.
  • Feel free to stay in this pose for as long as you need to before going on to the next pose, and keep it in mind as you progress through the rest of the poses.
  • This pose is perfect to do at the end of the day or even after a stressful moment in the day.

Yoga sex exercise Bridge pose



  • Lie on the floor, face up. a
  • Bend your knees and set your feet on the floor.
  • Push your tailbone upward toward the pubis, firming (but not hardening) the buttocks, and lift the buttocks off the floor.
  • Keep your thighs and inner feet parallel. Clasp the hands below your pelvis.
  • Lift your buttocks until the thighs are about parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your knees directly over the heels, but push them forward, away from the hips.
  • Lift your chin slightly away from the sternum and, firming the shoulder blades against your back.


Yoga sex exercise Plow pose


  • Slowly exhale and bend from the hip joints to slowly lower your toes to the floor above and beyond your head.
  • As much as possible, keep your torso perpendicular to the floor and your legs fully extended.
  • You can continue to press your hands against the back torso, pushing the back up toward the ceiling as you press the backs of the upper arms down, onto your support.
  • Or you can release your hands away from your back and stretch the arms out behind you on the floor, opposite the legs.
  • Clasp the hands and press the arms actively down on the support as you lift the thighs toward the ceiling.
  • Only go as far as you breathe will let you. The key is to relax as much as possible.
  • If there is tension. The aim of this yoga sex exercise is lost.

Yoga Sex exercise Lizard pose

  • When doing this yoga sex exercise. Please take your time. It has a major impact on your hips and groin area.
  • For each move take a slow breath out. Through your nose and belly.
  • Make sure your foot pressure in the center of your foot before moving to the next position.


Yoga sex exercise Downdog

yoga terms and yoga words

For full connect between the hands and feet. This yoga sex exercise creates the lengthening and balancing of your spine. It also creates a decompression point on the spine. Due to the angle. releasing pressure in the lower back. Which in turn will allow greater blood flow to the pelvic area. Aiding with supporting the reproductive system.

  • Make sure your weight is spread evenly in your hands and feet.
  • Keep the breath through your nose and belly

5.Yoga sex exercise Eagle Pose

In this last yoga sex exercise. Its main goal is to really enter you into balancing the left and right brain. Due to the western world, we have become more and more driven by our baby logical bain. Taking us away from our animal love brain. Creating a logical step by step approach to sex. Instead of letting the emotions flow throw our bodies and connect on a physical and emotional level. This pose will take time to master. But the key is to notice how you are processing the move. Feel more than being focused on where everything is.

For each of the yoga sex exercises listed. Time help is the key thing to focus on.

For beginner

20-30 seconds holds.1-2 weeks then increase the time by 5 seconds working up to 1 minute

For intermediate

30-40 seconds hold. 1-2 weeks then increase the time by 10 seconds working up to 2 mins

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